Photography, Video, & Media Production

Fort Myers Art Walk - June 2015

This month for Art Walk my street studio photography was showcased in the Blue Dahlia Salon while I photographed people outside. It was nice to exhibit my work for the first time. I referred to the project as this -

"Faces of Fort Myers"

The first of an ongoing portrait series
photographed on the streets
of Downtown Fort Myers.

A white backdrop, a few lights,
and connecting with people.
Authentic, distinct, and un-Photoshopped.
In black and white

Print sizes varied from 8"x12" up to 30"x40" and are available for purchase. I had a lot of help from Tony Myles to get the prints up and looking suitable. He also helped me get my medium format camera ready to shoot B&W polaroids in tandem with my street studio set-up. There's nothing like shooting film when you know what your doing... or in this case, working with someone that really knows what they're doing! Nothing like re-learning a craft that I've been away from far too long! Below are a few street studio photos along with some from the event and set-up. 

Fort Myers Art Walk - May 2015

Even though tourist season is winding down, there's no shortage of people coming out for Art Walk. I was set up again at the Blue Dahlia Salon. A great group of people that don't mind me hanging out front. 

Fort Myers Art Walk - March 2015

This has been the best month yet! I was set up again in front of the Blue Dahlia Salon. Thanks to them for their great hospitality and power for my shoot! Many people stopped by to check it out and quite a few even jumped in for a photo. There's a few repeat offenders below, but I wouldn't have it any other way. As always, great times to be had at Art Walk!

Fort Myers Art Walk - January 2015

This month I was set up just next to Grand Illusion and I had the opportunity to meet and photograph quite a few people. They have a great crew there and it was great to finally meet and spend some time with them. This month I was able to really fine-tune my process of set-up, lighting, and shooting. It was definitely a good start for the new year.  Thank you to Grand Illusion for having me! Make sure you check them out on facebook.